If we could ensure ‘No More Secrets’ would we want to?

First watch this video: http://youtu.be/9l6VPpDublg
I promise you you’ll find it interesting if you watch to the end.

What are your thoughts on Michael Persinger’s lecture? He assumes it would be a terrific thing to have no more secrets, that it would be like a ‘second literacy’ and that it would end war and suffering. Do you agree?


  • I wasn’t able to watch the video all the way through as it was too much bs for me. I watched about 5 mins instead. If i’m right i’m guessing that he’s talking about some kind of ESP ?

    I think its in human nature to lie, it’s a form of self-preservation. If we didn’t lie i think it would be great for society and make us very productive beings. Like ants. But then what ? working for the greater good all the time ? hhmm

  • I do agree that it’s a bit “bs”. But it’s still pretty interesting if you watch the whole thing.

    However, would it be good for us not to lie? I’m not sure it would. I remember having a discussion about this with my mum when I was 11. I’d written than in a perfect world (for some reason it was a homework assignment we had to do for RS/RE) only ‘white lies’ should be allowed. She said “You know, in a perfect world there’s supposed to be no lying’. She was talking about the common perception of what the perfect world is. But she hadn’t actually given the idea any thought. What about if a female friend/partner asks you if her bum looks big? Do you really want her to know if you think it does? What about all those times when you’re literally screaming at someone inside your head and outside pleasantly smiling? Do you want people to hear those screams? No secrets means no privacy. No privacy would mean a very different world than exists today. Indeed you had to use an example of another species to talk of the idea, because it’s so utterly foreign to what we presently experience. It might even be possible to call its inception the dawn of a new species.

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