Political Advice & Consultancy

Robert is a Political Advisor and Consultant in his spare time. He has a degree in International Politics from Aberystwyth University (no. 1 globally for International Politics), a Masters in Finance and Economic Policy from the Centre for Financial and Management Studies, SOAS, and a GPC in Management from the John Welch MBA School, Sacred Heart University. He has been involved with British political affairs dating back to 2003. He has practical experience campaigning with Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Democratic Reform Party, and professional sales certificates from Pareto Management; all of which provide Robert with a strong skill set in relationship building, and the closing of deals. Furthermore, his work experience in the operational aspects of pensions and tax give Robert a unique, procedural insight into how to improve organisation, facilitate innovations, and cut waste.

This is what some of Robert’s clients say:

“Robert’s political know-how is phenomenal. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who knows more, or is more politically savvy, than Robert Battison.”


Mo Ahmed, Liberal Democrat Candidate for MP in South Hackney and Shoreditch

“Rob has always provided me with sound political advice, which has been so helpful when starting the Democratic Reform Party. His broad knowledge of the political spectrum, mixed with practical experience helps to keep me focused on the right path.”


Karl John, Leader of the Democratic Reform Party

“Robert has played a pivotal role for Democratic Reform by understanding the organisation’s objectives and applying practical methods used by modern businesses e.g. Lean Management. Combining this with an in-depth knowledge of the political sphere, Robert has been able to identify innovative ways to promote the Party’s philosophy, and thereby establish our future growth.”


Phillip Badger, Communications Director for the Democratic Reform Party


Robert offers tailored political services to his clients. Those listed below are examples:

  • Analysis of Potential Weaknesses and/or Unseen Opportunities
  • Advice/Briefing on Current Issues, and Ideas for Policy, Management and/or Campaigns
  • Assistance in the Development of Internal Relationships, and Network Building
  • Assistance in Preparation for Debates, Speeches, Interviews, Meetings and Hustings
  • Campaigns and Media Advice
  • Commentary on Publications
  • Proposals for New Initiatives

Should you be interested in receiving Robert’s advice then please send an email to rbattison@me.com explaining:

  1. What Advice You Want – Your desired goals
  2. Who You Are – A couple of sentences is sufficient
  3. What Your Chances Are – Please explain why your goals are achievable with my help

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