cropped-2013-08-15-13-09-401.jpgThanks for coming to my site!

Battison’s Blog is an informal venue for the discussion of big/deep questions. The posts aren’t regular, and don’t often come with a terrific presentation. But the topics aim to be thought provoking, and everyone’s free to have a stab at making an answer.

My name is Robert Battison. I’d probably describe myself as a family man first and foremost (hence the picture), as well as an academic by interest. The reason that the topics tend to politics and economics most often is that this is the means with which I believe we can best affect change on a large scale.

I have a degree in International Politics and Strategic Studies, a Masters in Finance and Economic Policy, a Graduate Professional Certificate in Business Management, and various other certificates. But outside of academia I’ve dabbled in a variety of areas. In politics I am a part time, voluntary Political Adviser (more details here). Prior to this work I founded and led the UK Democratic Reform Party, and also worked with both the Lib Dems and Labour before that. But I’ve also worked as a History Teacher, a Sales Manager, a Pensions Administrator, and most recently as a Tax Analyst since June 2012 (my full time day job).

At present when I’m not working, spending time with my wife, our son Owen, or our dog Taz, I’m generally writing or blogging. Hopefully you’ll see a couple of books from me on the shelves in the next few (it may be up to ten to be perfectly honest) years; ‘Two Worlds Collide’ is a sci-fi/fantasy, and ‘On Democratic Reform’ is a political book about what kind of new ideas there are related to democratic reform.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please do post comments as and when you can!

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