Is there a time and a place for the good Samaritan?

I was told of the social experiment below by an American Priest. As he told it it had a very clear message about our priorities. And it struck me because this is a message I was brought up with, but also a message that my experience has led me to reject. What do you think?

100 Priests in various locations were told to teach the parable of the good Samaritan (where 2 Jewish religious men passed by a man in need, but a Samaritan, believed to be less good than the Jews, stopped to give help). 50% of the priests were given a new time last minute, so that they had to rush to their classes. And along the way for every person was an actor pretending to be in need of help. The experiment showed that we are far less likely to help when in a rush, and the message behind the story is that we need to re-order our priorities such that we do take time to help, even if that interferes with other parts of our schedule. Do you agree? Or like me do you believe there was a weakness in this argument?

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