• >Futurology isn't a bogus subject. Patterns and trends can be looked at, as can existing technologies with potential. For instance it's likely that nano technology, reconstructed carbon and robotics will all be around in 30 years time.

  • >I would expect the continuation of technological driven progress. At the consumer level that'd be 3D/Holographic entertainment, possibly interactive immersions, i.e. playing on the same team as ronaldo or some other,.Industrially i also think nano-structures/materilas come into use much more as well as genetically designed processes.Economically i see the stagnation of the OECD nations with current high levels of debt. Many of the larger emerging nations, BRIC, to take their place at the top table.Politically, i don't know but the US will still have most of the weapons because it takes wars to maintain military progress and the US is the only one who likes to start them.Socially, the accumulation of laws and rights leading to a kind of gridlock where people have less freedom than anytime in recent history.

  • >Have you heard of the new 3D printers? You can design something, basically anything, on a computer, and the 3D printer literally makes it. On the front cover of the economist for mid Feb 2011 there's a violin on the front cover which was made with one.

  • >yeah i heard about them 5 years ago when they were invented but it seems that last year they have now become commercially available for home use. At the moment i can't see much use for them as no one really repairs anything in advanced countries anymore, but they may slowly gain usefulness.20 years ago i did an assignemnt for a uni paper where i mentioned that it was now possible to have custom designed footwear/clothing, and that this would start to encroach on the retailing world. 10 years later and it has hardly made an impact.My interpretation is that many people aren't wanting or don't have the time to take advantage of all the improvements available, and merely continue to do things as they have done.Even innovations have to vye for peoples attention.

  • >that should say 10 years ago. i'm niether that hold or that much of a doogie houser genius

  • >it may be just me but is it possible for you to include a spell checker on this site as i'm always screwing up

  • >haha, no idea how to do that but I'll have a look. I'm planning to have a look at making a few changes over the nxt few days.

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