The End of our Arrogance?

What did it mean to be human before Copernicus? We lived at the centre of the universe, ruled over other species and were made in God’s own image.

What does it mean to be human today, after Copernicus, Darwin, Freud and Derrida? We’re no longer the centre of the universe, or even our own solar system. We’re no longer a unique species created in God’s image. We’re no longer even the master of our own house, since there are many influences on our actions besides what our conscious thoughts dictate. And we no longer believe in the teleological end of man (they believed human history shows that we progress in stages towards our ultimate goal) in the way that thinkers like Marx and Hegel did.

So what does this all mean about us today? Are we now a humble species? Or are we simply confused and floundering for some new way to prove our superiority?


  • I think the blogosphere shows we are not humble but that we are confused and floundering. Come visit me at Walt’s Thoughts to find a different slant.

    • Hi Walt,
      Thanks for your comment. I really enjoyed reading your blog (though I have to say I do feel a little insulted by your assumption that as an Atheist I must be egotistical and close-minded).

      I think given our different stances we should be able to have some excellent debates. So how about an agreement? I’ll comment on your blog regularly, and u do the same on mine?

      • Thank you for your interest in my blog. I just clicked on as a Follower so I will see your new posts and can comment when I think I have something useful to say. I look forward to seeing your comments concerning my posts. I’m presently working on one titled “The Invention of Physical Reality.” Maybe there will be something in it we can discuss.

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