What lessons would you choose to impart on the next generation?

Imagine a world in which you had only a week to live, and a contract with the media to spread whatever you say in this last week around the world. What lessons would choose to impart?

One comment

  • The most important lesson for me would be one of balance. The chief aim in life must be happiness, and by that I mean the long term maximization of positive emotions and minimization of negative ones. And while we should be compassionate and seek to realize this in others we should also realize that a person who all the time priorities the many over themselves and their immediate dependents ends up spreading not happiness but misery.
    So how then do we spread happiness if dedicating our entire being to others is deemed too extreme? The answer is in balance, and this balance can be found in all things. I don’t mean perfect balance of course. Two children don’t need to be exactly the same size and weight to have fun on a see-saw. But an optimized balance relative to your situation is always appropriate. This is knowledge that while not lost, is no longer acted on as it was in the teachings of ancient philosophies.
    No time to add examples. Will try later

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