>Thebigqs Challenge

>This is just a bit of fun, as a reward for answering all the tough questions. Answer as many as the following questions as possible:

  1. Which was the first chocolate bar created by Forest Mars in 1923?
  2. In what year was Magna Carta written?
  3. What was Genghis Khan’s childhood name?
  4. How many states are there in the United States of America?
  5. The whale, unicorn, lion and elephant are among the animals that feature in the titles of essays published between 1936 and 1941 by which author?
  6. Which word derives from the Greek meaning ‘to harden’, and is used in medicine to refer to conditions involving a hardening, thickening or scarring of a body part?
  7. Before the first move in a chess game, how many of the pieces standing on the board occupy black squares?
  8. Euripides won four Greek dramatic competitions and Aeschylus won fourteen, but what prolific dramatist won twenty-four?
  9. Simon Bolivar is known as a hero throughout Latin America. He led Bolivia, Columbia, Peru, Panama, Venezuala and which other country to independence?
  10. Who was the Sage of the Sakyas?
  11. What does Vishnu hold in his hand?
  12. What is the capital of Australia?
  13. Who was the first European to discover New Zealand?
  14. What mathematical symbol did Ferdinand von Lindemann determine to be a transcendental number in 1882?
  15. Which European country is bordered by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, and Austria and the Czech republic to the west?
  16. In politics in the UK, what term describes a member of the House of Lords who demonstrates political neutrality by not taking a party whip?
  17. Name 4 English football teams (from any division) that start with the same letter they end with.
  18. In 1819 Prussia set up an economic/customs union, to which other German states steadily joined. This union laid the foundation of Germany’s unity. What was its name?
  19. Aristotle came to the conclusion that the highest good that man could pursue was the ‘eudaimonia’, which can be translated as ‘having a good spirit’, or as happiness. But in which book did he set out this argument?
  20. What colour are a Zebra’s black stripes during the first 6 months of life?
  21. What caused half of all deaths from 1945 to 1986?
  22. What creature’s tongue weighs as much as a fully grown elephant?
  23. How many days can an ant survive under water?
  24. What country started the Christmas tradition of exchanging gifts?

The first person to find all the answers wins absolutely nothing … except pride. Good luck!

P.S. Please try not to use the internet to find answers the first time round.


  • >My answers.1. Mars4. 507. 1612. Canberra13. Abel Tasman14. Pi15. Slovakia18. Weimar republic22. Blue whalethe rest need internet.

  • >Not too bad; 7 out of 9 correct. I'll wait a couple of days before posting the answers.

  • >yes, I know all the answers but I dont want to embarrass anyone or make the feel stupid.

  • >7 out of 9 out of 24, and he even threw in a couple of down under questions for me. no place on the bigqs pub quiz team for me.

  • >haha, to be honest the questions are pretty hard. You should make another yourself in a few weeks time and see how I do on that.

  • >1. Mars Bar (must be wrong??)2. 12154. 505. Orwell7 Half – 168. Sophocles (I can't think of any others :/).9. Ecuador?11. flame?12 Canberra13 Cook14. Pi?15 Slovakia (eastern part of Czechoslovakia and the Os never got a country). 16 Cross bencher17 Northampton TowN…erm, out of time 18 German Confederation19 Ethics20. Red21. Heart disease?22. Blue Whale24. GermanyGod awful :/

  • >Brain wave:17. NorthamptoN TowN, York CitY (still football league?), Charlton AthletiCGive me a minute…

  • >Oh, you didn't say football league – just English football teams; including non-league, then…Stafford RangerS. If you meant football league it's tough – I definitely answered the question set! :p

  • >Oh all right, I'll put you out of your misery. Ross you got 13 out of an attempted 20. I'll give the answers below:1. Milky Way2. 12153. Temujin4. 505. George Orwell6. Sclerosis7. 168. Sophocles9. Ecuador10. Buddha11. This is a trick question for Vishnu has 4 hands, and therefore holds a conchshell, a chakra, a mace and a lotus flower. Though seen as neither of you got any…12. Canberra13. Abel Janszoon Tasman (Ross you really should have copied Sean there; he is a New Zealander)14. Pi15. Slovakia16. Crossbencher17. I accepted Ross's answers but these are the ones I wrote: Liverpool, Aston Villa, Charlton Athletic, Northampton Town and York City18. The Zollverein19. Nicomachean Ethics20. Brown21. Earthquakes22. Blue Whale23. 224. Italy

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