• >first I would ask whether there is such a thing as 'evil', as what individuals/groups define as bad will be interpreted as good by another group (e.g. the Iraque war). I would therefore suggest that this particular question is valueless

  • >I mean, you can have opinions on whether Hilter was good or bad. But evil is really the epitomy of bad (more objective/unchanging)

  • >I agree that the matter is subjective (this is why the question is value-full because people disagree). Can a person be 'evil'? As you say it depends on what evil is, and who is judging the person. This means that it's very hard, and I would argue impossible, to get an evil person. Was the little boy who cried after falling down and ran to his mummy evil? I wouldn't say no, and if they didn't know who that boy would become then I think all people would agree.Can an act be evil? There is more of an argument here. Yet it's still subjective. Any sort of objective definitions of evil are incredibly difficult, if not impossible to find. After all if the holocaust was evil then it must have had wholly bad results and actions right? Actions yes, but he justified his intentions, suggesting a logical and good incentive. Now of course we disagree with him, meaning that we could label it entirely evil, but in an objective sense it is as you say difficult, for a counter argument exists, meaning that our labelling is subjective.

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