• >Illegal immigration = bad, your not on the system, you shouldnt be here. you have to ask, why are they running here? if they cant get in legally, what have they done wrong?Legal immigration im all for, if they are coming over to start a new life in anoher country, have nothing to hide and are willing to work then thats fine.Problems that arise are claiming benefits when not even attempting to do any work, and also problems with diferent cultures fitting in. Im all for different cultures, but it shouldnt be a case of us changing the way we live our lives because it offends Immigrants, they should learn to accept we are who we are, if they dont like it there are plenty of other countries they can try. I didnt ask the guys in Turkey to stop playing their prayers over a loud speaker because i had a headache, i accepted that that was the way things were done.So to answer the question: For Immigration if done legally and not expecting too much in return for doing nothing.

  • >I think it's fair to say most, if not all people will agree that illegal immigration is bad and that we should do everything we can to stop it from happening in the first place.The only exception to this rule could be on moral reasons. If a person is found to have illegally immigrated, they should be automatically deported unless they:1. Have an illness that deportation or life in their home country would exasperate. In this case we should do all we can to help and get them to go back as soon as possible.2. Are asylum seekers who have not gone through the legal process.3. Have a case to stay i.e. they could go through the legal process and be accepted at the moment they are found out.However none of these cases should be completely charitable on our behalves. Anyone who comes to the UK legally or illegally should have to pay their way i.e. contribute to both the economy and society. The latter involves learning the language AND taking part in local clubs, or simply being active around the community. The former means having a paid job and not claiming benefits. Those who come here illegally and are allowed to stay should have to do what local government give for them to do, whether it be building new roads or cleaning the streets. In return we should offer them food, clothing, temporary shelter etc, as well as a good chance to get their foot on the ladder and enter society as a legal immigrant as soon as they have paid their way for entering ilegally.As for legal immigration, New Labour have introduced a new immigration system. It is too early to say whether this is being succesful or not but immigration is declining. Personally I believe that although we are having more successes in integrating people there are still many problems, and declining immigration is probably more tied to economic performance than anything else. Hence I would say that we need to relate the new points system much more closely to our economic requirements. Meanwhile, we also need to push for full employment. Full employment would reduce the resentment of the unemployed towards employed immigrants. And most importantly, we need to push for stronger integration. The police and courts need to be able to export those people who have not made an effort e.g. are still unable to speak any English and are living on benefits after two years. On the flip side however, local government and local communities have a responsibility to welcome and help these people integrate that they are presently not fulfilling.

  • >I think you guys do come across as quite hard-line when talking about immigrants. There are many problems with immigration, but we are doing a lot better than say in Austria, where right wing politics is mainstream as a reaction to Turkish immigrants, and economic factors.One only needs to look at the polish, they work hard, contribute greatly to the economy, and most won't claim a pension (because they'll return home later in life).Unemployment has grown substantially in recent years, which is obviously a contributor to right-wing views, immigrants should not have to bear the brunt of these fears. One only has to place himself in the shoes of a n immigrant, and ask himself this simple question, wouldn't you migrate to ensure the prosperity of your own family? We have to be very careful here, illegal immigrants come here risking death (some of them), sending them back does not protect them. Great Britain has always been a safe haven for all those fleeing persecution, and I hope we remain that way.Rob, remember your now in a foreign country, ok its in the EU so actually you have in some respects more rights than the actual Luxembourger, as I did in Austria. Just see for yourself how difficult it is going to be to learn French to the degree that you could easily be employed in a French speaking job. It won't happen in the next 5 years for sure. Your lucky because the Luxembourgers will have very good English, at least partly.Like the site, its a good place for people to share opinions.

  • >Don't get me wrong James. I'm not against immigration. I'm all for it. In fact a healthy amount of immigration is a good sign for our economy, hence why immigration is now declining.Indeed I have talked to people who have been through hell to get to the UK and would do all I could to support them. The point that both Ashley and I were trying to make is that there is a minority of immigrants not trying to integrate as we are in Luxembourg. We have a responsibility to protect and to help immigrants. But immigrants in turn have a responsibility to try and both integrate, and input into our country.The recession is deepening and right wing anti immigration views are growing as you rightly say. I have spoken to many BNP voters and they all say the same. They vote for the BNP solely because they are the one party that doesn't shy away from the topic. We live in a democracy and yet politicians are shy of discussing a topic that many people vote on. Why? Because it is a topic that can be seen as dangerous topic for someone's political career. This is quite frankly ridiculous. Immigrants who don't shift their weight should be treated in a similar manner to those Britons who who live off benefits and don't shift their weight looking for a job. We should ensure that both are able to get their foot on the ladder, and also that we do not reward those who do not try. I would say that we should not single out any group of people. But it must be the case that immigrants who do not prove they are trying to integrate be exported. Hence they must have a duty to prove they are integrating in the economy and society within 2 years. I think this is more than fair.

  • >Integration is the key word here. If your not willing to contribute then go home. Its a harsh way to look at it, but its basically what it all boils down to.

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