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Are the forms so very important?

Have you ever heard of a tyrant who wasn’t also an idealist? From Caesar to Lenin a great many have literally stepped over corpses in order to destroy democratic forms of government and seize power as dictator. Yet what is often most scary to sworn democrats is that many of these peoples’ intentions match our own. Take Caesar for example. By today’s standards he was a barbarous, genocidal maniac. And yet if it were not for he the land reforms would not have passed. That famous success story of the Empire; that not only Italians could gain in power and become Senators or more, would never have come to pass. Indeed it is quite likely that without Caesar inequality would have continued to grow, until it so threatened security that it brought down the Republic.

Thus my question is this: just as with businesses we are more concerned with what they sell than matters of corporate governance, should we not be more concerned with the left/right disputes than with our system of government? Would you rather live in a democracy where the government never did as you saw fit? Or would you rather live in a dictatorship where you agreed with every action taken?