• >It would be hard to know, only guess.However, maybe THIS is the afterlife. Maybe we had a life before and this is the bonus period ?Maybe you say that this can't be the afterlife because the after-life is eternal. Not in all religions it isn't. Then you have to consider if there is just one after-life, or are there multiple ones, either as reincarnations on earth, or as promotions up through the four realms of nirvana.Then again, maybe this life isn't real and it is merely the dream we have when we are asleep in heaven.I think science will never be able to disprove an afterlife, or at least if it ever does find proof, then it will be when we become omnipotent beings.

  • >It all comes down to what you think of as an after life. Nothing is ever destroyed, only changed. Hence scientifically speaking you are already living an after life, for pieces of skin that used to make part of you as a child may now make part of another life form. However is this your life or someone elses? I recently changed someone's mind on this topic and all I had to use were two questions:He said: "I'd like to believe in an after-life"I said: "Do you believe in your biological self surviving?"He said: "No of course not"I said: "Then do you think your memory will be retained?"He said: "I never thought of it like that."The thing is whatever aspects of you continue to form a/multiple life forms, they will only be parts of you. Even if you believe in the soul you cannot think that it will have your memory, your emotions, your desire or capacity for food etc etc. So life after life? Yes. Your after-life? No.

  • >we eat the antelpoe, and and antelope eat the grass, ans so we are all…a part…of the circle…of life. Ps Seans right – this life is the bonus round, like in 'play your cards right with Bruce Forsythe haha, Robin.

  • >And that brings me to the next question: the second law of thermodynamics. See the next debate.

  • >The chances of us improving the atmosphere we breathe for the quality of life as we know it at the moment by adding indiscriminate gases as a by-product of our industries and lifestyle are remote but in my opinion the chances of an afterlife are even more remote than that. No-one can say for sure what there is out there further than the current approximate distance we can see, around 14billion light years with the latest technology, and I do not think we can rule out the possibility of a supreme being or some other controlling entity with 100% certainty. It is similar to being given a lottery ticket to the after-life in exchange for allocating some thought to it as opposed to having a lottery ticket that you never knew you had. They will find you if you win, whoever they are.Graham

  • >We can however rule out certain things. For example a new biological life that used some of our energy after we're dead would not be our afterlife; it would be a new life made from/utilising part of us. So we can rule out a biological afterlife.What do you think we cannot rule out or in?

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