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>Does universal morality exist?

>*Everyone (with the exception of a few weirdos) believes that murdering for the sake of murdering is wrong.
*Every culture has a limit on the number of women one can marry (yes, some say you can have 10 wives while others say only one, but there is still a limit), therefore suggesting that it is wrong to simply sleep with or marry any woman one pleases.
*If we make a promise to someone and break it, we try to justify it. However, if one breaks a promise to us we feel wronged, therefore implying that breaking a promise/treaty is unjustifiable.
*If there was a person drowning in a nearby creek and we had the ability to save them without any threat to our own lives, everyone would probably do it (again, with the exception of some weirdos)
These are the arguments of a theorist known as C.S. Lewis. He argues that universal morality exists even among different cultures. Now I ask whether or not his arguments are strong?
Is there universal morality?

>What is equality and who is equal?

>The concept of equality has changed over time. At first it would have been all members of a group, then a class and sex, then a sex and colour etc. Did you know that some of the first advocates of communism said women were possessions and should therefore be shared like everything else?

So what does equality mean to you today? Does it mean all people being completely equal in rights etc? Or do you think animals should be treated equally too? Maybe you’d go the opposite way and perhaps say that people should not be considered equal?

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