>Is magic possible?

>Civilisation has believed in the power of magic for thousands of years, so what’s changed?

There are still people out there who call themselves witches and perform magical rituals, and in the voodoo religion magic is still widely believed in. In West Africa Voodoo Priests say that if you go into your garden every day and talk to just one plant, telling it that it’s going to be the most beautiful flower in the garden, then it will be.
So is magic possible? Does it accord with science? Or is practicised magic all in the mind?


  • >Magic seems to be science that people don't understand yet, or a con. If it was a real process science should study the phenomenon and then it would be called science.

  • >Yes I agree. Nothing can happen without a scientific explanation being possible. For instance the voodoo man talking to a plant is breathing on it and providing it with additional carbon dioxide relative to the other plants around. And magic that makes people feel good could merely be having a placebo effect.However what do we mean when we say science? Can science change? In a paper just submitted to 'Physical Review Letters' a team from the University of New South Wales in Australia presented evidence that the fine structure constant may actually not be constant i.e. the number changes from place to place throughout the Universe. The fine structure constant is the number labeled "the magic number" by Richard Feynman, due to the fact that if it were 4% smaller or larger stars would be unable to maintain nuclear reactions that synthesize carbon and oxygen atoms, and hence carbon based life would not have come to be.This number is in fact part of what we know as the 'laws of science'. So if the very laws of science can change, then perhaps we could do what here would be labelled magic in another part of the universe…

  • >Tony Blair's ability to at least deceive himself must come close.

  • >Lol! If there was an ability to 'like' comments, as on facebook, I would definitely like that.

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