>Does luck exist?

>Some people say it’s all about how you view the world; whether the glass is half empty or half full. But at times it seems impossible to view the glass as either half empty or half full. Sometimes it’s just completely full or competely empty. So what is it? Do some people have it easier than others? If so, and ignoring the extent to which that is based on choice, is it all coincidence? Is it simply how we define and perceive our experiences? Or is there a real and tangible thing called luck?


  • >According to the cult show red dwarf luck is a "positive virus". Also, when it comes to vessels of water I have this answer, if the glass has had half an amount added it is half full, if a full glass has half taken out its half empty.Daniel Raggatt

  • >I believe luck exists. I don't know where it comes from or how I might explain it though.I also think that red dwarf may have a very real point in suggesting it is a virus.I have long wondered why all viruses are detrimental to humans, whereas bacteria comes in both good and bad varieties.My explanation is that good viruses do exist but that we obviously don't investigate why we feel good, we only investigate when we feel poor.Maybe, as this is probably my least logical and valid post ever, luck also exists in this fashion.Possibly those neutrinos or other particles that we have difficulty catching are responsible for providing our luck.Or possibly it's part of an idea of spirituality and a completeness with the universe. The 'force' that luke skywalker used may be the power of his belief that something will happen effecting it actual happening (do not sully that idea with a comparison to religious bollocks please).

  • >It's funny that you say this is your least logical post because it's one I really agree with, lol. Of course it is all speculation. And it would be a valid point to suggest it could all be coincidence. But it could just as easily be something like a positive virus or some sort of Karmic/spiritual force. In fact I find the virus idea very interesting. Everyone knows that you can be defined by blood type. But recent research suggests we could also be defined by the type of bacteria that dwells in our gut. Indeed, as there are more bacterial cells in a human body than 'human' cells it's been suggested that our 'gut type' dictates how often we get ill, our metabolism, our energy levels and many other things. This suggests that in future we may be able to change ourselves/lose weight/cure illnesses by having an injection of bacteria into our guts. And if this is plausible then is it such a giant leap to imagine that something as theoretical as luck might also be affected by an injection of a virus?

  • >Hhmm, I don't know about the jump from bacteria to luck.'Human' cells, looking at the big picture of evolution or 'all part of the cosmos' it's hard to accept such a notion. Instead, bacteria, dna, viruses, organic cells, etc, with a little luck equals a human being.

  • >That's true. It's what makes a mockery of our attempts to define and categorise everything. How can we distinguish human from bacteria when human is part bacteria? How can we distinguish humans from nature when we are a part of nature?Yes the jump from bacteria to luck was trying to move from the virus analogy. But to be honest I think it might all be coincidence and how you perceive things. I'd had a string of bad luck before writing the last post so I was more inclined to believe it couldn't possibly be coincidence. But just because the chances of rolling 6 ones in a row are low it doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

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