>What is a geek, and is it bad to be one?

>If you’re at all interested in the things on thebigqs then you’re sure to have been labelled a geek in some point in your life. So if we are geeks then what do we have in common? What are geeks? What’s the opposite to being a geek? And why is that opposite commonly seen as being preferrable?


  • >simply put, it depends on the geek in question – a few i liked, a few i didnt. If we take a geek to be someone who studies hard and may one day help mankind in some small way, then it surely cannot be bad to be one. On the otherhand from the geeks point of view, he may prefer to be a jock (and himself, see it bad to be a geek). Happy Halloween.

  • >It's quite common to distinguish between those who are geeks and those who are cool. It may seem that this is not a very academic question, yet the division makes profound statements about modern society. The important point you make is that all geeks are different. Can the definition of a geek be reduced to the term "swat"? If so then I have no issue with saying I am a geek, and I'm actually proud of it. I'm basically a workaholic, and I love academia. Faced with a choice as to whether I'd want to change I'd say hell no!So basically my point in opening up the question is that the division is firstly not often useful, and secondly, being 'cool', and work averse, is certainly not always preferrable.

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