>Is there such a thing as "Spiritual depravity"?

>Cardinal Walter Kasper has reportedly told a German magazine that the UK is marked by “a new and aggressive atheism”. Just before the Pope’s recent trip to the UK he was quoted as saying to the country’s Focus magazine that “when you land at Heathrow you think at times you have landed in a Third World country”.

What he was talking about, and it seems what the Pope agrees with if you read between the lines, is that much of Western society is moving away from religion, and in so doing becoming spiritually unhealthy.

Do you agree? Do we possess spirits? Can we keep them healthy or let them get ‘out of shape’?

One comment

  • >I guess most cultures have a history of imbuing spirituality upon themselves and other things, so anthropologically and sociologically speaking I would say it is very natural to possess the 'idea' of spirits/spirituality.Whether you think we actually do or not will depend upon your personal belief system.Now for the pope and his mates.I see a big vested interest here in Walter Kaspar bemoaning the lack of adherence to what he is peddling. It would be like Steve Jobs coming out saying that there is "a new and aggressive techie counter-culture in the world". He may even go onto say that "wandering around Heathrow and not seeing any iphones etc, makes you think you've landed in a third world country".So I see nothing other than self-preservation from old Walt. Not sure about his slight against Third world countries either.Now to the question of "is a lack of spirituality causing society to become unhealthy ?"I guess so, but only if it is not replaced with something else that helps connect people within the society together.To define "unhealthy society" we should look at what a society is. It is a collection of people who are connected in a certain way.Therefore an unhealthy society would be when those people become disconnected from each other.The perspective Walt is thinking from is that the certain connection in society is beliefs, ideas, and spirituality. He is then thinking that because we are disconnecting from spirituality, that we are ergo disconnecting from each other.But he isn't quite on the money there in my opinion.

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