• >My answer is yes if it's for the greatest possible good. However it is difficult to judge these things and the thoughts will always be subjective. It is therefore important as the international system evolves to give more power to the UN in allowing/vetoing certain actions.

  • >Yes there is justification for starting wars. Killing innocent people to make a point is not justified whatever way you look at it, and those responsible must pay for their actions. Unfortunately those people generally have a large following and as such a war is innevitable.

  • >Are you talking about Blair here?

  • >If you're interested in the current Blair story have a look at this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3a0DFN_P8wI agreed with Sean in the last debate about Blair, by saying that in hindsight the invasion of Iraq was the wrong decision. However I disagreed with Sean, and it seems the bulk of the British public, in saying that Blair did think he was in the right.I do not believe Blair is a bad man, and we have evidence to say the contrary, that he is a good man. He has dedicated his life to helping people, and he has helped a great amount of people through things like the Minimum Wage, Devolution etc. All the evidence we have points to the logical outcome that he believes he was and is doing the right thing. He may by now have changed his mind and think that intervention was a bad thing. But if so this makes him even more of a good person. It would be best for him politically if he told people this. But it would not be good for the stability of Iraq and the West's ongoing actions in the Middle East. So perhaps he is a liar, but he is not doing it for himself.

  • >Not really, i wasnt talking about Blair really, just pointing out that there are bullies in the world, and unfortunately sometimes talking to them achieves nothing, and the only choice left to protect the masses is to go to war.

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