>Is God nice?

>Let’s suppose God exists, whatever you take it, him or her to be.

Is God nice? Does God want what is right for you? Can you believe in a God that is not nice? If God is nice then why? Does God share our emotions and morals?


  • >I think questions like this will come to the fore over the next few years as more of the world is educated, and more Westerners come to realise how religion is sold. Right or wrong aside, it is a fact that we are seeing more people selling religion as something that is good for you. People say 'believe in God and He will look after you'. Some people even convert based on the logic that one God is 'nicer' than another and therefore more likely to be the real God. But since when was it a stipulation that God be nice?Personally I believe that it is ridiculous to think God has the same emotions as us. Even if were were created from God, and our emotions originate from Him, we would still be nothing alike. For what is an emotion? It is a finite response made by our brains. So if God has inifinite emotions they would not be emotions anymore.And if God looks at the grand scheme of things then it is unlikely that we would form as large a chunk of His time and efforts as we think.

  • >Everyone agrees? Cool.

  • >I beleive we are made in Gods image, but since we only use a small percentage of our brains I accept that since we look like Him/Her we arent as intelligent as God.I think we are like God in our emotions. We are merciful but also vengeful. We show compassion and are also willing to punish. You see examples of this throughout the biblical texts (and im sure that is a whole other can of worms waiting to be opened!)As to whether he is good or bad, perhaps he is like us and knows how boring life will be everything was good and went our way. Maybe he threw in the bad to make us feel alive? Lets face it, you feel truely alive when you have hit rock bottom and risen up again.

  • >So you think God is simply a very intelligent human being that lives forever? He/She would have to be alive to have emotions and look like us. But if so then does He/She have physical parts i.e. chemicals creating emotions in His/Her brain? If so then God is finite and exists in one finite space and time. If this is so then how is it that God does not change? Everything that we know of changes. The laws of science and mathematics state this is so. Everything relies on other things e.g. oxygen, energy etc. If God was physical as you say, how would He/She live forever if in order to be physical He/She has to interact with the things around Him/Her and therefore change? If God does change then today's God may be nothing like the God that existed a billion years ago. That God would be dead.

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