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>Has the bailout of multi-national companies put the existence of nation-states as the world’s dominant force at risk of collapse?

>Debt has moved from MNC balance sheets to Sovereign state balance sheets. Further exapserating the high public debt levels is the philosophy of the sovereign countries that they must spur growth with their own money, in order to save themselves in the long term.

This deficit level spending adds further fuel to the nation-state debt levels.

Although economic theory and experts agree that spending must occur to avoid a depression, will the final outcome be bankrupt nations?

Governments can only view the bailout as an investment, spend now to recoup later.

But MNC’s, the greatest beneficiaries, able to restructure their legal status and domiciles, it is quite likely that governments will not recoup their bailout money from taxes paid in future from MNC’s.

With the proliferation of off-shore structures and global tax avoidance schemes, even large national and local companies are starting to lessen their tax burden through inventive structures.

This could leave too large a burden on SME’s to help nation-states recover healthy economic footings, which may not be feasible.

If this occurs, could we see many OECD countries default and become bankrupt?

What would the ramifications of that be? Banana republics?

>Do you agree with the Big Bang theory?

>The theory of the Big Bang is taken as an accepted fact by science. Yet despite the extravagant theories detailing all the events that happened after it occurred, no one has given any explanation as to what caused it.

The best they can do is keep regressing its after effects until the come to the smallest singularity they can think of, and then stop there.

They neither explain what caused the Big Bang, nor where this incredibly small but incredibly dense first speck of matter from which all others derive, came from.

Secondly, the shape of the universe is postulated to oval-like. But in a vacuum there is no resistance, so any explosion would have travelled outwards in a uniform manner. As such the shape that should be expected to be circular. It would only be oval if the horizontal plane had a magnetic pull or the vertical planes showed resistance in some form.

Do you believe in the Big Bang, and if so how do you reconcile the missing information?