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>Can there be a journey too short to use your car for?

>”Before I write the question I must state that I am in no way an eco-nut. However, I was somewhat appalled this morning to see my girlfriends mum car parked outside the bakers in town (not 400metres from our house) as she was going to church (some 500 metres from our house). When I confronted my girlfriend about this she excused this action because:1) There is a substantial hill from church to our house (imagine if you will a gentile incline that only enhances the landscape rather than a Scottish mountain) – she believed that by using a car time would have been saved compared to walking2) She had been cooking lunch and was in a hurry3) She was wearing high heels4) She has short legs and it would therefore take more time for her to walk there and back than a person of more average height.(I dont want to complain too much because I would benefit later on from point number 2)However, it got me thinking. We are hearing nowadays about trying to use your car less and less to help the environment.What therefore in your opinion is too short a journey for which you should use a car? – If you save only seconds or minutes is this really worth it?Are their any exceptions to this?Do governments do enough to encourage people to use their cars less and promote the alternative modes of transport?”

>Can the Marxist vision of Communism ever be realised?

>Is there ever going to be a time and place where Communism can truly succeed in the basic form outlined by Marx and Engels? There have been many ‘experiments’ along the communist model (Russia, China, Cuba, North Korea, Laos, Vietnam). However, these have tended to rebrand Communism in their own formula to suit their specific needs. My girlfriend has told me that according to George Orwell’s book Animal Farm (which I have so far embarrassingly failed to read), human nature dictates that our greed and desire for increased wealth and prosperity ensures that pure communism is just a dream. However, is this just the opinion of Orwell or can Communism never be truly realised?