Is it wrong to judge God?

Owen had his Baptism a few days ago. As an atheist I struggled to make the vows. But my wife’s Christian, as are both of our families. So I willingly went through with it all, and it was a beautiful day. I even managed to get some history in by organizing the service in one of only 2 remaining Puritan chapels (think Oliver Cromwell). And I plan to introduce him to all religious teachings in any case.

Now however, I’m reading biblical stories to Owen at his bed time (presents from the godparents). This I absolutely do not mind doing, but I’m now half way through Genesis and I haven’t found a single passage where I don’t find myself judging God (sorry to say in a negative way). If this God truly exists, I would not worship Him. In fact I’d be tempted to try and find an alternative so I could fight Him. Now for an Atheist this isn’t so surprising. But am I right to think that I can make such judgements on a deity worshipped by millions? Further, am I right to write this post? Or where such blasphemous issues are concerned, and especially ones where I could offend so deeply, would I be better keeping my mouth shut?


  • Of course you’re within your rights to make a judgement on a deity worshipped by millions. Whether you’re wise to make it public is another matter… but I think you have to be pretty famous before the fundamentalists get upset by your words enough to put out death threats.

    And reading Genesis to Owen throws up the same sense every non-beliver has when reading the Bible. It’s a croc and if people you knew acted the same way you would jusdge them negatively as well.

    So nice try to try and see these lies in a more philosophical light, but simply the stories in the Bible are mainly just waffle, a little like the preachy TED videos have started to become.

  • True indeed! Although if you scrap the religion there are some important teachings historically. I mean when people speak of Jesus they always assume you’re talking about the son of God. But cut out all the opinion and what you have left is a philosopher who had a profound impact on the world. When comparing his teachings with earlier and later philosophers we can learn a great deal. But we have to start seeing these people as historical figures. Fair enough people can worship them if they please. But learning is something all of us can do.

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