How do you decide what’s possible, or how far you can be pushed?

Quantum science teaches us that at the Planck level i.e. the smallest level, there is only potential – pure abstractness. Whether this ‘universal field’ is consciousness or information or something else, this knowledge suggests that all things imaginable are possible, and some think actual. But is that helpful when we’re thinking about our own actions?

I’ve often talked about balance on this blog. And perhaps no one can determine their own optimal balance, in terms of how far they can be pushed, and what they’re capable of, other than themselves. I’m training to do a marathon at the moment, and that requires me to make many decisions about when to rest and when to push myself. But how should I make such decisions? Stop if I’m ever in pain? If we all did that nobody would do anything. But of course there does come a point when I must stop.

Have we got the potential to do anything, as information seems to in quantum physics? Are we in fact in thousands of different places at once, in some places giving up, and in others pushing ourselves on? Or is the quantum world so divorced from our ‘big’ reality, that we can only use our finite amount of knowledge, the opportunities we’re presented with and our finite ability to persevere through pain until we just have to give in? How do you make such decisions?


  • Hhhmm, kind of disparate questions here….

    The title makes me think you are asking about our motivations and the limits we place on our own potential….

    The paragraph about quantum physics makes me think you are asking “why do we accept our reality as it is presented to us”….

    The first question is common, the second question is fantastical, ala the Matrix…

    So before I start, does anyone want to clarify?

    • It’s more the first question. But feel free to have a stab at the second. After all how can you decide your limits if you don’t know what’s real? I guess that’s kind of where I was going with the post. What we think about reality has profound impacts on how we act within it.

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