The moral and the intellectual

Is it a reflection on modern day society that shows designed to make people think are so popular? I like to think so. I know for a fact that we respect intelligence. You could even say we have an obsession with it. But what about the moral?
My political involvement has largely been propelled by the desire to see more compassion. But in a world of slogans and catchphrases the word compassion is rarely used. Why?
Ancient Greek philosophers were obsessed and fascinated both with human morality. How is it, they questioned, that we can have instinctive moral reactions to something, even before learning any theories of justice? Especially when humans are almost alone in the animal world in our ability to do this. Ethics formed the basis of aristotle’s work, and aristotelianism formed the basis of western liberal socio-political culture.
So where has our fascination with morality gone? Has it disappeared?

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