When are we living?

Some people call it the Digital Revolution; some the Information Revolution; some another Industrial Revolution; some the age of the Great Re-convergence; and others just like any other time. What do you think? Are we living in a time of rapid change? If so what time is it (don’t be clever and give the actual time by the way)? What do you think has come to characterise our age and how will historians label it in the future?


  • I think we are now living in an age where change has become so rapid it is perhaps our only constant companion these days.

  • Hi Simpol,
    Thanks for your comment. I completely agree! How would you define this era if you were an historian looking back?

  • Which period would we be talking about exactly? I guess since the last defined age was the Industrial age that means we must be loosely talking about 1900s onwards. Little note, I don’t think the ‘space age’ was an appropriate or accepted nomenclature for the post-war years.

    So given that time frame I would say we are in a global era. I think that globalisation is the most prominent aspect of all the little revolutions we have witnessed.

    We saw two ‘World Wars’ which were partly a result of the political links that spanned around the globe. We have witnessed an Information age, where something learnt or witnessed in one place is almost immediately known of in another place.

    We have seen the economic emergence of larger sections of the globe, first through colonies of the British Empire, then through the emergence of Asian Tigers, and now via the BRIC economies.

    I feel that to try to define the age/era too specifically falls into the trap that happened with the ‘space age’. It is in itself an important moment, but the events in themselves do not permeate or reverberate around the entire world or even through the decades.

    Historically speaking also, we have defined eras/ages into large categories of at least a couple of centuries, middle ages, dark ages, renaissance, etc, so we have to take a step back from all the excitement of each moment and look at it as a historian would.

  • I agree. I think the main two changes are the Information Revolution, and the Great Re-Convergence of the West and the Rest. Both of these are global changes, made possible by globalisation even. Thus if we’re labelling it something I think you’re right to say it’s a Globalisation Age.

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