>Is Wikileaks righteous ?


Was the release of information by Wikileaks a good thing or an ignorant effort by amateurs that has endangered lives of Iraqi civilians and coalition troops ?

If it was a good thing, does it highlight the feebleness of the international media in causing so little previous consternation for the Pentagon during the war ? If so what is the point of the current media if they can not bring the truth to the people ?

On the other hand, have the established media been just and considered in their reporting of the war and used only credible and verified reports for their stories, rather than illegally sourced materials ? 

Finally, was the information Wikileaks published really that significant ? All it seems to have done is said that a few more thousand people were killed than had previously been acknowledged.

As per Abu Ghraib, these seem minor trivialities compared to the perversion of democracy in the first place that led to the US led invasion. Should Wikileaks not spend it’s time hacking into the UN servers to discover who the ring leaders for the war were ?

Also, in the bigger picture, where does this leave freedom of speech ? The pentagon classified the information as sensitive but Wikileaks say that the truth needs to be heard. Should Wikileaks be allowed to report whatever it likes ? 


  • >I don't really know enough about this subject. Has the leaked information resulted in more casualties?

  • >Well as this is a topical issue it would be good if it wasn't hidden back in the archives but i know you're working on that Rob.Now Wikileaks has released further information, this time what seems to be a mix between diplomatic gossip and national intentions.On top of this the issue has evolved, no longer about what information is being released, as it doesn't seem that important, but about the concerted reaction of the worlds 'allied' powers to suppress the organisation.With the US manouevre-ing to cut funding to wikileaks by lobbying paypal, as well as lobbying amazon to stop hosting the site, and the Swedish attempts to charge him with sexual assualt (whether its true or not, it's certainly been hadled in the most incompetent manner), it seems like there is another candle of truth being snuffed out.

  • >What happened to my last entry ? You're not censoring are you ?

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