>Is the impossible possible?

>You’ve all heard the phrase “nothing’s impossible if you put your mind to it”. But is it simply a phrase, or is there any truth behind it?

In other words can something be impossible? Is everything possible, but not always probable?


  • >There are things that are impossible. However in general I would say that impossibilities depend on certain conditions. For example it may be possible to act in a manner contrary to the law of physics, but it's not possible for us to do that in this time, and this place. Where and when it's possible is most likely somewhere where the laws of physics are different, or in a different time, when the laws are again different, or can be bent with technology.Hopefully you can think of some exceptions to this rule, because I'm sure there must be some. But just to exemplify my point and make it a bit simpler:I can jump into the sun, but not without getting there.I can jump off of a roof, but only if I'm on one.I cannot turn on the television without either using a remote control, or going over to the TV.

  • >what are pyhsical laws but definitions of surroundings ? If there are no definitions, then there are no laws, and therefore everything is possible.you can imagine a place in the universe where something like this may occur and there are no constraints on what is possible. But your being able to imagine it in the first place confirms that there is already one place where nothing is impossible. The imagination.

  • >That's a good point. I've used the same point to say that everything exists in the past. I.e. Can you think of something that doesn't exist? If you can then it exists as an idea/thought in your head. So in other words everything exists on some level.

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