>If you could travel backwards through time where and when would you go?

>If you could return to any moment and place in history, and then come back again whenever you liked, where and when would you go? And why?

One comment

  • >If I could go back only to see something (and be free from danger) then I'd pick something that no-one knew about like going back to when life begun to see what actually happened (assuming the ability to time travel would give me the ability to survive that, and also a powerful microscope).If on the other hand I could go back and change something then I would probably go back to talk to the victors of WW1 to persuade them to accept Wilson's peace plan, or perhaps the young Hitler to persuade him against joining the Nazis (I figure you'd be more likely to be succesful persuading a youth).Surely someone else has some thoughts on this. Would you go back to change your own life or the lives of others?

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