>Do you believe in the supernatural e.g. Christianity, Islam etc?

>Do you believe the supernatural is possible? If so do you think it is probable?

Someone approached me today asking if I believe in Jesus Christ. I answered that I think he was a good person but not a supernatural being. I would add that he was a great philosopher who has had a profound impact on humanity’s social evolution. Do you agree? Is it possible that Jesus was in part supernatural?


  • >There is very little to suggest his existence as a unique human being.The man Jesus (if he existed) was possibly a philosopher-priest from a long line of mystery-cult leaders. His birth myth is lifted from Horus & Mithras, the sermon on the mount is lifted from Zoroaster, and almost every other part of his story as attested in the bible is lifted from Serapis. Given these facts it is highly likely that the mythical Jesus is a composite figure drawn from other, older mythologies. A sun god.If we take away all the stuff related to these older figures, we are left with a man who was outraged at the temple charging for "sins" to be purged & pretty much stated that you may as well bathe in the river!In this sense, I think he was a revolutionary figure.As to his supposed divine or supernatural qualities – I think that very much depends on how one defines the supernatural, whether it is seen as something outside of human experience (as the "super" suggests) or as a part of the human experience that we have lost touch with.Personally, I very much question whether this man even existed.

  • >Great comment! I can't pretend to be an expert on the subject but I do think he existed. I've heard of numerous historians referring to a man named Jesus. I couldn't find a good website to use as a source but wiki has a page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Historicity_of_Jesus.Now obviously wikipedia isn't the most academic source. However it does get it right in saying that there were many figures from around the time who refered to Jesus.In everything else I would agree. Christianity is undoubtedly bits and pieces of other faiths pieced together. It is how religions evolve, and all religions do evolve. In addition I would agree that Jesus was a revolutionary figure. I think that a lot of western morality stems from Jesus' teachings. There were two great impacts on Roman Stoicism: the philosophies of Ancient Greece, and the teachings of Jesus.Could Jesus have been supernatural in the sense that he could have defied the laws of science? We have absolutely no reason to believe this is possible, and many to believe it is impossible. If a God created life then He created it either from within the laws of science (in which case He could not be supernatural) or He created it with the laws of science. In the latter case I find it hard to believe that after creating this realm, in which the laws of science apply, the Creators could simply step inside that realm and start changing things. It sounds ludicrous. How can you create unbreakable laws and then break them? Everything has reason. The idea of supernatural powers being able to exist within our world and beaing able to break the laws of science holds no reason I can find.

  • >Well Rob perhaps its time for you to explore Jesus!

  • >Lol. I like that response even better. I guess you believe in the supernatural Dudley? Do you mind me asking why? Is it something you just feel you know? Or did you weigh up the arguments and come to a logical conclusion?

  • >I was watching the discovery channel the other day, something about one or another ancient civilisation, and it occurred to me that lots of ancient cultures claimed to have supernatural beings.Leaders of the Persian empire and Eygptia rulers both claimed to be Gods.To me it seems that this appears to be quite a common claim of those days so Jesus was probably just another imitator.They attribute some stories to try and prove his divinity but some of the 'miracles' are a little shit. Turning water into wine ?! Jeez, he really went all out on that one, never mind healing too many sick dudes, what will really impress people is tricks with alcohol.I don't know why Jesus, and the people that believe in him, can't just be content with him having a good message and being a philosopher. Why does his message need the authority of a 'God' ? If it is a good message it should stand on its own merits.

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