• >To my mind Christianity has two major weaknesses: it's too specific; and it has stagnated in recent years.By too specific I mean that much of the philosophical and ethical content of the Bible is beyond reproach. Yet the Bible goes far beyond that telling us what is true and what is not. To take an example it speaks out for slavery and against freedom of sexuality, which runs in complete opposition to our current moral stance.By stagnation I mean that religions all evolve. Countless religions have existed throughout human history and it is always the ones that adapt that survive. Those that don't adapt are simply written off to the history books. Christianity is falling prey to this rule now, for it has gone far too long without reforming the Church, and without making some radical transitions in order to keep up with changed society.However I also disagree with Christianity as a whole. As I said there are some philosophies that are very appropriate for all people everywhere. There is also a possibility of the existence of something that could be called God. Yet Christianity often falls over itself to try and explain what God actually is, before answering sceptics with a line something like this "No human reason can understand the mind of God and therefoe we cannot begin to reason whether or not He exists". I'm always shocked when I hear something like this and the sceptic doesn't win the debate. For the believing person who spoke just told the sceptic that there is no reason for him/her to disbelieve, at the same time told him/her that there is no reason for us to believe. If we cannot use human intelligence to find anything out about God then how can we use it to say He does exist?And because Tom asked about the Problem of Evil then I will say this: Judeo-Christians tell us we are faced with evil because we are given the choice. Yet we know enough science to know that how you are made affects how you will make decisions. Hence why did God not make us without the capacity fo such actions? Or at least more likely to take the right decisions? Some people would say God wanted to give us as many choices as possible to enable us more choice. Yet if that is true then why do I not have the choice to say I'd like not to have to sleep this week, or I'd like to sprout wings and fly away.

  • >few takers for this one as shooting fish in a barrel just doesn't provide enough stimulation.

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