• >Everybody in Afghanistan believes pretty much the same thing. They think either Bin Laden is an American sort of an agent (which America brought in to justify for the so called attack on Washington DC). Or he is already dead and now the US is using his name for further justification of different things that they have been doing…..that's what they believe.I still can't say whether that's true or not because in those countries that I've lived in (Pakistan and Afghanistan) there is a lot of misconception about the West. But then the same goes here too, there is a lot of misconception about Islam and Muslims.Having seen the people of Europe, especially Luxembourg, and having seen ordinary people like Rob and another friend from GB who has since become my best Friend ever, I think I can't understand the mindset of Western politicians. But at least the people are really really nice and loving.

  • >Thanks for that mate, thus far I think I can say the same of Afghans. I just listened to the last message recorded by Osama on Jan 24th 2010. Now I will never agree with terrorism targeting innocent civilians. However I do agree with part of the message in the latest tape, that something needs to be done about Palestine and that the West backs Israel too far in many immoral circumstances.But was that message from Bin Laden? Firstly, it's a different message to the ones he started off making. Secondly, the latest video was only a recording. Thirdly, some very reputable sources have claimed to have proven some recordings to be fake. So the most logical two possibilities are:1) Bin Laden is dead and Al Quaeda is continuing to use his legacy.2) Bin Laden is dead and both the Western leaders and Al Quaeda know it but still continue to use the name.3) Bin Laden is alive and is taking increasingly more cautious steps to throw off the CIA and other similar agencies.In December 2001 the Pakistan Observer reported that Bin Laden died of untreated lung complications. The following video showed a very unwell Bin Laden, with a limp arm, a symptom of a recent stroke or kidney failure. If it was kidney failure then Bin Laden would require a sterile environment, electricity and continuous attentions from specialists. Something to think on.Through 2002 to 2005 there were more reports of Bin Laden's death, all from different, unrelated things. And in late 2005 the US disbanded Alec Station, a unit dedicated to finding Bin Laden. But still the stories continued, and still no proof has appeared. At present there seems to be more and more people agreeing with the story that Bin Laden is dead. But the problem is we have no evidence either way. And the search is clearly continuing. Basically, we can't know until we have some real evidence. Everything else is conjecture and opinion.

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