>New Years Resolutions

>Do you think they’re worthwhile? What resolution did you make if you did, and why?

Do you think it’s slightly pessimistic of us to enter the new year thinking about what went wrong in the last year and that we should turn a whole new leaf? Or do you think New Year’s resolutions are more about minor changes such as not eating so much chocolate?


  • >By the way Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

  • >Personally I think New Years resolutions are just like every other holiday tradition: a tradition that becomes useful only when it's adapted for personal use. For instance some people say that Christmas should not be celebrated if you aren't Christian. I say it's an excuse to have some fun and spend some time with loved ones. Any excuse like that should be taken.My resolutions are rarely big ones. I don't like to think that I did that much wrong in the past year. Now maybe that's just arrogant, and it probably is in some circumstances. But making a huge resolution e.g. that you'll never mess up again, simply won't come true. It will only result in you creating a little nagging person inside your head. We should be proud of what we achieved in the previous year; there's always something. Small things are achievable, and most big things have small origins. For example if you want to get a job then making a resolution that you'll get a job probably won't help. You'll continue doing exactly what you were before and probably get even more frustrated that you're not finding anything. What you need to do is break the problem down and address the smaller pieces: stay healthy, assign a limited amount of time per day for searching (a minimum and possibly a maximum too, you need to rest), and accept help. Maybe you're looking in the wrong places, or there's something wrong with your cv. Basically, to me it's all subjective. But I try and make small resolutions. As long as I keep the big picture in mind, the smaller goals are more likely to keep me going.

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