>Where did humans come from?

>Do you believe in evolution and the steady transformation of single celled organisms into complex species like humans? Or do you believe that humans came from Adam, the first human and the one created by God Himself?

If you believe the first then do you think we are related to all other life on the planet, or do you think that more than one tree of life may exist i.e. life started more than once? If you believe the second then do you think God made life from nothing or something? If nothing then how?


  • >I don't believe in God creating life as in the Bible. There are many many reasons that that is a ludricous idea, none of which are worth wasting time on.I do find it funny though that not only does the bible say who created earth, but they also tell us his work schedule (6 days, and rested on the 7th).I do believe in life being adaptive and therefore that evolution exists, however i do not take this to mean that all life evolved from one singularity.Particularly in respect to homo sapiens, I refuse to accept as a fact that we are evolved from apes until they find some empirical proof of the 'missing link'. I do however accept our evolution from apes as a plausible theory.It is difficult to understand how they can find even small dinosaur fossils from 65million years ago, let alone fish and crustacean fossils from the ages, yet somehow there is a glaring gap in human fossils, or human/ape/missing link fossils.Therefore I am also open to the idea that there may be other branches of life evolution that isn't measured by small incremental developments.

  • >Absolutely; there may be other branches of life, but scientists are also open to this possibility. And the fact that there are missing links in fossil discoveries is not suspicious. It would be more suspicious if we found a complete set of fossils depicting our exact change from a certain point in history, and then before this date the findings simply stopped.In slight disagreement with you I believe that we did evolve from single and relatively simple organisms. However I also think it likely that there is, or was (they will most likely have intertwined since), more than one tree of life i.e. life started more than once.

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