• >A had a little bit of a rant while making comments and have uploaded a document on the Politics page. Basically though I think Griffin has proved the success of our democracy. People are not happy with the major parties on matters of honesty and transparency, as well as immigration. People are therefore casting a protest vote for a party who (up until a few months ago) was willing to say what it thought irrelevent of political correctness.Will this bring changes though? Will th other parties take Briton's dissilusionment to heart? I think they are already trying at least.

  • >Posted by Sean: Yep, I watched it and it turned into what i expected, a "Ricki Lake/Sally Jesse Rapheal" mess of a show.The most I know about the BNP still comes from the speech summary you've uploaded on your page Rob. Question Time did nothing to help elucidate matters.I agree with Nick Griffin's complaint that he faced a lynch mob (righly or wrongly). I think as you say, it was a win for democracy and freedom of speech that the BNP were allowed to appear on the show, but as Nick Griffin said, it was nothing more than the BBC had to do according to their charter. Having attained what was their right to appear I feel that they were not allowed to make their points as he was shouted down constantly by a partisan audience and panel.The people in the audience and on the panel had made up their opinion of the BNP a long time ago, and although their opinion maybe right, their actions prevented me from obtaining enough information for me to make up my own mind.What i would like to see is a discussion solely between Jack Straw, Nick Griffin, and Jeremy Paxton. Jeremy is the man and with him co-ordinating the session i would come out with enough knowledge to make an opinion and be able to justify it.This is not what happened on the Ricki Lake show last week.What did happen was alot of (everybody) looking to points score and gain the most attention for being the most hostile to the BNP. Again, they may be right in their opinions, but I don't like anybody making up my opinion for me except myself.Jack Straw showed why people are annoyed with mainstream politics when he rambled for 2 minutes (which was possibly 6 times longer than Nick Griffin was ever given to answer a question before he was interrupted with accusations, insults, and 5 more questions), about the govt's poor immigration policy. it really was "warble" personified.Like you say, the BNP at least say SOMETHING, even if it is politically incorrect.

  • >I didnt bother watching it, it was always going to be a farce. He was never going to be allowed to speak to get his views across because his reputation as a racist would always make his views invalid and noth worth listening to. He might have had some good ideas, but we sont know because we are too quick to judge.Not saying his views are right, or supporting him, but even the worst characters in history can come up with decent ideas:the Beatle: Affordable Family car for the masses – Hilter

  • >Slightly distrubing but true. It's one of the most important lessons of both history, sociology and even politics: be too quick to judge and you risk missing something; be too slow to change your mind i.e. too closed minded, and you risk missing something too. The media, and our leaders (be they social or political leaders) need to have a firm mind when discussing morals and principles but an open mind when discussing different methods of reaching that outcome.This show was anything but a display of open minded democratic thinking. I agree with you Ashley that we need to listen in case we hear something worthwhile. But perhaps even more importantly we need to listen because characters like Nick Griffin frequently put their foot in it. Ensure that immoral men/women say what they really believe and they will hang themselves.

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