• >Does anyone know how this effects the real age of retirement in the US? What age is the working force? How many people retire before 65 and how many after? And are there ever any accidents related to people over 70 making mistakes at work?

  • >I dont think we need to increase the age of retirement. there are plenty who wont reach it now before retiring for ill health, and those that will work after because they get bored. We shouldnt try force people to work for longer, which is how it will look, especially as at this moment in time there arent enough jobs to go around as it is. Best leave it alone in my opinion

  • >Unfortunately the simple truth is that unless we reform the system we will have to raise the retirement age. Did you know when and why retirement was first introduced? It was introduced in the 1880s by Prussia for those people who lived long past the age of others. For most of our history, all around the world we have literally worked until death. Now our economies have grown since this time, but it is simply a question of maths to decide whether or not we need to increase the age. Even with likely growths in the economy taken into account (and remember we're in recesssion at the moment)the increasing percentage of retired people in society is becoming too expensive. We cannot fund a society aging at its present rate without either raising the State Retirement Age or completely reforming the system.

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