• >Personally I believe that we are part of a chain/cycle of life. We are all interdependent upon each other through the food chain whether or not we eat meat for after we die our bodies decompose and give new nutrients to plants that we might eat.We have evolved as omnivores, get a higher amount of protein from meat, and struggle to find certain nutrients and amino acids that are found in meat in vegetables. We also enjoy eating meat. We have to think about which species would have their happiness altered to a greater extent if we stopped eating meat.Would it be beneficial for animals if humans stopped eating meat? No. What would happen to all the cows, sheep, pigs etc? What would happen to the farming industry, and all the other industries connected?However I am not saying there are no arguments in favour of going vegetarian. Often as a species we have a diet too meat heavy. Eating too much meat is not only bad for our bodies (saturated fats, and a higher chance of heart disease) but also bad for the environment. A huge amount of water (apparently 2500 gallons per pound of meat produced), and food is used for the animals. With factory housing, trucking and refrigeration there are high amounts of fossil fuels used to prioduce it. The major cause of deforestation in the amazon is ranching, and of course the methane and carbon dioxide produced by farm animals makes the meat producing business the second worst polluter in the world. But that does not mean we should stop eating meat altogether. It means we should moderate the amount eaten.And finally there is what I believe to be the most crucial deciding factor, the moral argument. Unfortunately this is the hardest part as it swings both ways. But I believe that if an animal is looked after in a human fashion and killed in a humane fashion that does not cause it physical or mental distress then eating meat is ok. The problem is that we often don't know if this is the case or not, hence why I promote the idea of making a law stipulating that all meat products sold in the UK must contain labelling indicating whether or not they were raised and killed in a humane way. I think it would perhaps be necessary for an independent regulator to give each producer a score, which has to go as a label on all of their products.

  • >Im all for killing animals in a humane way and have no problem with eating meat. Problem is, whats humane? and what do you do about it? Halal meat is classed as Halal by the way the animal is killed which is by slitting its throat and letting it bleed to death (might be wrong on this im pulling this out of my memory from waaaay back). Now is that humane? by labelling up the way the animal was killed would add more pressure to eating habbits of different cultures.I like the idea, but i think it would be met with oposition.i also found this on the BBC's website earlier about Methane produced from livestock, makes interesting reading.http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8329612.stm

  • >Yes it would definitely face opposition. But so did every fight worth fighting: the fight for equal rights for black people; the fight for equal rights for women; the fight for equal rights for homosexuals. Now I am not saying animals should have the same rights as us. They are not like us and could not utilise those rights. But they are like us in certain respects. They feel pain and joy, with many other emotions. They get afraid if we abuse them or seem likely to harm them. At the risk of entering a very taboo topic I do think it is wrong to kill by letting an animal bleed to death.

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