>Genocide and Human Rights Catastrophe

>The holocaust happened in the 30s and 40s. We swore it would never happen again. Yet look at the Middle East today. Since the holocaust Arabs have been pitted against Israelis and vice versa. Some people even call for a new holocaust, and many would be glad for it.

The Rwandan Genocide took place in 1994. Yet how many people die brutal deaths in Africa every day? And they don’t even make news in the west for they are not considered news worthy. Look up the average age for someone living in Mugabe’s Zimbabwe. You will be shocked.

These events are socio-cultural diseases whereby we inflict such pain upon ourselves, and refuse to help our neighbours. Are they inevitable? Are they simply Darwinian purges of society necessary for the strongest groups to evolve? Or can we do something about it? If so, then what?

One comment

  • >On the 17th of April 2009 The Independent released a story about Somalia. The daily terror faced by people in this country ( if you can call it a country) is creating the world’s biggest refugee camps.Dadaab refugee site in Kenya was built to accomodate 45 000, yet it is currently home to 267 000.

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