• >The EU could certainly be more democratic. But then couldn’t all forms of government? People often say the EU is undemocratic because only the EU Parliament is directly elected. Yet similar parrallels could be made to almost any other government. For example the UK Prime Minister is not directly voted by the country, but by MPs, who are in turn directly elected. The same happens in Europe. The EU’s 27 Commissioners, its European Council; indeed many of the senior EU figures are chosen by elected representatives in member states. The question on everybody’s lips should therefore not be whether we have enough democracy but whether it is better to have a more direct form of democracy.

  • >Another complaint has been that individual member states are not represented well enough once in the EU Government. However we are in fact represented very well. It is simply a different form of representation to that used in national states. A common complaint is about the Commissioners containing so much power but not representing their member states. In fact they are more democratic at present than if this were true, for they have a responsibility to represent all of the EU once in office. A complex system of accountability, compromise and agreed decision making also makes the EU very democratic. Albeit it has undemocratic elements and at times ambiguous aims but the EU is certainly democratic, even if predominantly indirectly.

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